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Can't agree here.

I'm a huge fan of Emi's, watched his whole evolution with this club and always thought there was a good keeper there even when people thought he was ****, BUT this is one of those where with hindsight we really forget the actual panorama when the decision was made.

In the moment, you have two keepers, one who we thought was quite good (Leno) and who we had a pretty decent sample of being good, another who we thought was quite good but had a sample of 3-4 months of being good. You need money to invest in the squad, having two top keepers is not a good use of squad resources. One is coming off an injury and is likely at the low point of his value, the other has a nice market value. It was honestly the correct and logical play, the one someone playing the odds as we want a forward-thinking club to do, would make.

Those plays don't always work out, though, and this is one of those cases. With hindsight maybe you could say we should've thought more about Leno's history with a more critical eye, think about how his two seasons of quality with us were well above what the metrics telling us about his time in Germany, worry about a regression to the mean-- but to think that above the more convincing thought at the time (that he had come from Germany and evolved, as young keepers do, especially talented ones like him), really takes some hindsight, honestly, or a talent evaluator with a very cynical eye (which would apply in the same case with Martínez, and probably still come out deciding that Leno was the right choice to keep).
A lot of Arsenal fans wanted to keep Emi over Leno. Leno has never played for us as well as Emi when he got injured, also Emi was an Arsenal man here since here since 16 so we should’ve showed him loyalty.

I think only @American_Gooner and a few others wanted Leno over Emi and we all know about AG’s taste in players so that was never a good sign.


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Yeah it’s post shot xG

Seems like he's actually decent with his feet...
The 22-year-old, standing at 6’2”, is one of the best shot-stoppers under the age of 23 in the top five leagues. His positioning, reflexes and safe hands mean that he is extremely hard to beat. The below graph looks at the difficulty of shots faced and how many saved above/under expected. Ramsdale is one of just three goalkeepers who’s shot difficulty is above-average and have saved above the average too. The Englishman’s PS xG +/- is a respectable 0. Whilst he faced very difficult shots because of his team’s weak defence, a PS xG/SoT value of 0.32.


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Ramsdale -

2nd for shots saved last season (above Martinez, below Johnstone)
2nd for high claims last season (below Martinez, above Nick Pope)
Better save % than Leno last season
Double successful long passes than Leno
Better long pass accuracy than Leno

He really wasn't bad last season at all. He had his moments, but all young keepers tend to have some sort of moments. Even Alisson was all over the shop last season.

His stats would dictate that he is a quality keeper with lots of potential, yes the price is stupid but they paid £20M.


Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so.
I think only @American_Gooner and a few others wanted Leno over Emi and we all know about AG’s taste in players so that was never a good sign.
I know your reading comprehension never advanced past key stage 3 but I said if there were actually takers for Leno last summer, I wouldn't have had an issue with selling him and keeping Martinez. But nobody was going to bid for him coming off an injury and on big wages during a pandemic.


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The most annoying thing about this is that Arteta’s whole style of play depends on playing out from the back. Leno obviously can’t do that. He looks so awkward even trying that it is cringeworthy. He had Emi that could do exactly that and got rid of him. Now he wants to sign a goalkeeper that also has limited passing ability and for more than Emi cost Villa even though Ramsdale is the lesser keeper.

This is just stupid because Arteta is sticking rigidly to his philosophy which makes Arsenal a pain to watch but at the same time is looking at a keeper that can’t do the very first step of what he needs to get a team playing the way he wants.

This is the difference between a rookie manager and a pro. Look at Pep or Klop. They came, did the best they could with what they had but then we’re firm in bringing in players that suit their own style. Arteta on the other hand just seems to nod happily and say I’ll take that and what else will you give me.


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Are people really making excuses and rationalizing the supposed interest in this mediocre GK?

The whole thing stinks! Sell your highly rated GK for 20M then buy a back up for $1.5 then loan another back up because the original backup is ****(which I said before he was bought) and now you want to spend £32Mil on a young GK to compete with Leno when you already had that In Martinez.

It’s official Arsenal are run by nincompoops. This looks even worse on Arteta.


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Good signings for what they are, stop taking what I say out of context. Ramsdale would be a good signing for number 2 and Abraham a good signing as a backup striker. Irrespective of the cost as I assume we are willing to get all other business done as well.
Wrong on both accounts. Go back in your hole you Arteta shill!

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Whenever a club faces relegation I tend to find the GK is always in the convo for POTS. They just get peppered for 30+ games and pull off the odd worldie.
It is either this or you will have to start believing in coincidences that defy logic. 2 of the most praised GK's of last season, Ramsdale and Johnstone...both in relegated teams. Pickford get a big move to Everton largely for his performances in a relegated Sunderland. He has failed to live up to those highs ever since.

Simon Mignolet got his move to Liverpool by looking great in a Sunderland side who were flirting with relegation most of the time.

Even our own Leno's best season was with Emery when we were conceding 30 shots a game.


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30 million for the best young English goalkeeper would not be a problem if we made our other signings first. The club are planning for Lenos departure.

The club made a mistake by not selling AMN to fund the deal for Partey. However, Leno was also very good prior to injury so how could Arteta guarantee a starting place for Emi based on a small sample size? He made the decision and in hindsight it was the wrong one.

However, I am not going to kill him for that. Ramsdale is only 23. At the same age Emi was at Oxford on loan not getting any game time. Ramsdale is very experienced and at his age he can only develop and get better. The data obviously shows Arsenal something as to why they want him. Not going to be mad at actual planning.


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Planning for life after Leno with a keeper not good enough for the PL is obviously a problem, it would be a problem even if his price was peanuts like Runarsson.

It was that atrocious buy, not selling Martinez, the reason we feel like we have to rush getting another GK and keep throwing money at mistakes.
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