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My point is I don’t care about him “being given a chance” if he’s deemed to not be ready for our level. We’re doing what elite clubs do with “supposed” talents like him by buying and loaning. What worries me is the fuss made about him but I see no big clubs trying to take advantage of the situation. Seems like he could just be another bad buy by Sanllehi and co.
Elite clubs don't buy and loan players in the 30m range, though. They find gems like Martinelli for 5m and loan those out. It's not how you manage such a large investment.

I could get behind it when we initially bought him. A talent tauted the 'next Varane', but only 18 and inexperienced. You give him one more season to develop at his home club, but you have secured his talents for the next season. We needed a lot of first team investment that year, but for exceptional opportunities (which I, and obviously the club - otherwise you wouldn't do this -, thought this was) you could take that risk. Now it's becoming a joke. Most expensive defender in the club and you loan him out for the third season in a row, getting him back with two years left of his contract? Absolute, infuriating madness.

One can test a player and conclude he's not good enough, but this treatment is just horrible from a human and business perspective.


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@al-Ustaadh Who has faith that the people at this club know talent when they see it? We were sat on Emi Martinez for years without someone recognising he had the ability to be our no. 1 and these are people who spent every ****ing day with the player, if they couldn't see that what the hell are they there for? It's the same with our young players, if people like Azeez were given chances in meaningless cup competitions I think there's a decent chance they'd swim but they won't be.

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Oh f*ck off, that's way too much outlay for a low priority position.
it's not, we lost Luiz and Arteta clearly don't trust Saliba we need a guy with long term future in club. people need to stop thinking about fee we got 10B owner ffs.
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