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“Of course, it was a good year for me personally. I’ve always played and performed."

Honestly cannot wait to see the back of this toad!

”Of course, it was a good year for me personally. I’ve always played and performed…like ****” is probably what he meant to say.


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One thing I noticed about Xhaka in some prior quotes a few years back is he basically saw Arsenal as a stepping stone to getting to a club like RM or Barca. He was ahead of himself and probably always thought Arsenal was lucky to have him.
As much as I dislike Xhaka, I do remember him being linked with Bayern when he was at Gladbach. So I don't think this statement is as ludicrous as it seems. Perez loves to sign sh*t. Cellabos, Drenthe, Woodgate etc.

However, let's get back to reality. He could have somehow scammed his way to Madrid. It's more than likely his career would have gone the same route as Cellabos imo. He would be sent out on loan until he ended up in some midtable club in Europe.

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best of luck... very professionally done... decided to leave.... gave arsenal enough time to buy and bed in Partey, played 45 games in his last season, kept the noise to a minimun, gave them a clear date to settle things before the start of the Euros and exited without any fuss. a professional throughout.

Those chants of "shoot Xhaka shoot" and the hammer of a left foot sending the ball through goalkeepers hands.... will remain in memory long after he is gone.


Cazorla (not Cazorla ffs)
Quick question: How long will it take before Mourinho decides to play Xhaka as CB? He did it with Dier and I almost expect it to happen with da Xhak. Any odds or that or thoughts? I’d say 50/50 within 1-2 years.

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